Walking your dog in Newcastle upon Tyne

Benton Quarry Park – Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Dexter and Lulu in the Quarry Park
Dexter and Lulu in the Quarry Park

This is a small, enclosed, informal park, which offers safe off road dog walking and a variety of habitats. The park is well managed and maintained as areas of woodland alongside large flat and gently landscaped grassy areas. Well used as a local dog walking facility, there are plenty of bins for waste disposal, and you will often meet other canine enthusiasts there.

There is an enclosed children’s play area at the front of the park, but this is secure and well away from the main walking areas. A great little green space for regular or ‘pop in’ walks and useful for those who want their dog to cover ground but cannot walk for miles themselves. Many dogs would be fine off lead once inside the park and there is plenty of space to run around in and smells to investigate. The grassy field at the back of the park is frequented by rabbits in the evening, that come in from the railway line. A small, determined dog would be able to get onto the railway line (skirts the back edge of the park) by getting under the metal fence that separates the two, so some care is needed.

There is parking inside the park at a cost of 20p per hour. Parking on Whitley Road is free but usually taken up by staff working at the ministry buildings, and surrounding residential areas parking permit schemes have recently been scrapped, so you may find a parking space close by.



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