Stop pulling on the lead – best dog walking harness

stop pulling on the lead

According to a Blue Cross survey, published in 2011, the UK pet products market is worth around 15 billion pounds a year. It’s clear we spend a great deal of money on our pets (and dogs make up a large portion of the pet population), and the producers are more than happy to keep up […]

My very best dog toys

best dog toys

After thousands of hours spent watching hundreds of dogs play and interact with me, each other and a huge range of toys, a few of these stand out as worthy of a place on my list of the very best toys for dogs. Value for money is always somewhere in the equation when we consider which […]

Why do dogs need toys?

Why do dogs need toys? Most people that I know, who own a dog, consider their canine companion to be part of the family, and Christmas means presents for dogs, just as surely as it does gifts for children! So are dog toys more than just a momentary distraction? Do dogs need toys? What do […]

Dog walking in the dark – how to stay safe and visible

dog walking in the dark

We’re still a few weeks away from the shortest day of the year, but dog walking in the dark has once again become a reality for most of us. It’s easy to be overly confident, even blasé, but the reality is that pretty much all of the daytime issues that can arise on an average dog walk, are exacerbated by […]

Dog walking in Newcastle upon Tyne – leads and harnesses

At Custom Canine Care I have a policy that I will buy the necessary accessories for any dog that I walk on a regular basis, as and when these are required. I find this an easy way to build a good equipment base over time, without one huge financial investment. I don’t see the need […]

Canine confidence workshop – helping dogs who sometimes struggle with life

Back in February I had the privilege of attending a training weekend run by Janet Finlay of Canine Confidence which focussed attention not on “behavioural issues” or “problem dogs”, but on our own observation and understanding of our dogs as individuals. Janet led us through general observations of a dog’s posture, balance, coat etc and […]