Meet our dog walking team at Custom Canine Care

Use of a dog walking service requires trust, not only that the walker will come and walk your dog for the required mount of time, but also that they will be kind and responsible, deal with any challenges that arise and take good care of your home. That’s a lot of trust, and here at […]

Building relationship with your dog

Building relationship with your dog

As a dog walker in Newcastle, my co-workers are always hearing me say “Once you’ve established relationship, you can let him off.” But what does this mean, and how can you go about building relationship with your dog? In this case, relationship is not so much about feeling (though feeling often follows), but about connection […]

Walking your dog in Newcastle upon Tyne

Benton Quarry Park – Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Category: Green Dog walks, walking your dog, dog walking This is a small, enclosed, informal park, which offers safe off road dog walking and a variety of habitats. The park is well managed and maintained as areas of woodland alongside large flat and gently landscaped grassy areas. […]

Dog walking in Newcastle upon Tyne – leads and harnesses

At Custom Canine Care I have a policy that I will buy the necessary accessories for any dog that I walk on a regular basis, as and when these are required. I find this an easy way to build a good equipment base over time, without one huge financial investment. I don’t see the need […]