Stop pulling on the lead – best dog walking harness

stop pulling on the lead

According to a Blue Cross survey, published in 2011, the UK pet products market is worth around 15 billion pounds a year. It’s clear we spend a great deal of money on our pets (and dogs make up a large portion of the pet population), and the producers are more than happy to keep up […]

Walking your dog in Newcastle upon Tyne

Benton Quarry Park – Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Category: Green Dog walks, walking your dog, dog walking This is a small, enclosed, informal park, which offers safe off road dog walking and a variety of habitats. The park is well managed and maintained as areas of woodland alongside large flat and gently landscaped grassy areas. […]

Dog walking in Newcastle – when the dog says “no!”

Today I did my first walk with Willow who is a beautiful black and gold Hovawort. We’d met on a couple of occassions and got along well, indeed she was positively affectionate at the initial booking visit. I’d done a ‘test drive’ with her human waiting down the street only yesterday, just to be sure […]