Custom Canine Care is a North Tyneside based company – operating in Newcastle upon Tyne

prices for dog care
A grand day out!

Dog walking – one dog (all of our walks are one on one, or paired walks on foot from the clients home. We don’t do large group walks or transport the dogs in vans)

  • 30 minutes – £9.00
  • 40 minutes – £10.00
  • 45 minutes – £10.50
  • 50 minutes – £11.00
  • 60 minutes – £12.00

Dog walking – two dogs (same household)

  • 30 minutes – £12.50 (second dog £3.50)
  • 45 minutes – £15.75 (second dog £5.25)
  • 60 minutes – £19.00 (second dog £7.00)

These are weekday walking prices: for weekend prices expect to pay around £2.50 extra, bank holidays £3-6. These fees include a fuel charge of 50p per walk.

Training walks start at £15 per 30 min walk and include an equipment check. Training walks can be accompanied by the client or not.

Day care  – one dog. I provide company in your home plus at minimum a half-hour (half-day) or hour-long walk (full-day).

  • Half-day £16 (2-4 hours)
  • Full-day £25 (over 4 hours)

These are weekday prices: for weekend day care add £3-4, for bank holidays add £3-6.

Add £10 per day for a second dog.

House sit prices (20 to 24 hours live-in service)

  • 1 dog £25.00 per day.
  • 2 dogs £35.00 per day. 2nd dog £10.
  • 3 dogs £45.00 per day. 2nd and 3rd dogs £10 each.
  • 4 dogs £55.00 per day. 2nd, 3rd and 4th dogs £10 each.

For house sits, please note that the fee is generally applied for the number of dogs but may include other pet care. Where there are multiple pets in a household, the minimum fee is the 2-dog rate (even if you have one dog and, for example, 3 rats or rabbits).

House sitting is provided by Alison Campbell – the owner of Custom Canine Care – and references can be provided. I rarely house sit anywhere that I can’t take my own small (robustly social) pug cross, Raffi. I am allergic to cats, so I don’t usually stay in households that include cats.

The fee also includes one daily hour-long walk plus plenty of garden and indoor playtime and affection – including outdoor scent games and Parkour when the weather allows. If you feel your dog(s) need more walking/activities than this we can negotiate extra time/costs.

We do not provide Home Boarding for dogs or small animals.