Dog boarding in Newcastle upon Tyne with Rosie

Rosie is just as cute as cute pie; a lovely reddish blonde cockapoo puppy who we had the joy of looking after here recently. She is a very easy going little lady, whose main loves in life are comfort and cuddles and walks. Rosie fell in love with Vic, and they could often be found […]

Dog walking in Newcastle upon Tyne – leads and harnesses

At Custom Canine Care I have a policy that I will buy the necessary accessories for any dog that I walk on a regular basis, as and when these are required. I find this an easy way to build a good equipment base over time, without one huge financial investment. I don’t see the need […]

Joey the joker – boarding at custom canine care

We have a lot of dogs here these days, some visit briefly as part or full day boarders and some linger a while… holidaying here while their families enjoy their own vacations. Very few make quite the impact on everyone around them as Joey.   Joey is a Parson’s Russell terrier and a terrific little […]

Canine confidence workshop – helping dogs who sometimes struggle with life

Back in February I had the privilege of attending a training weekend run by Janet Finlay of Canine Confidence which focussed attention not on “behavioural issues” or “problem dogs”, but on our own observation and understanding of our dogs as individuals. Janet led us through general observations of a dog’s posture, balance, coat etc and […]

Fun with Flynn

Flynn (or Flinnagan as he became affectionately known here) is a very special springer spaniel who stayed with us for a week recently. He has got to be the most universally loved dog we have yet to look after, as every one of us thought he was the business – with his boisterous, fun loving […]

When I was three I was barely me

I do believe that when AA Milne wrote those words in the poem Now we are six he was referring to Christopher Robin being 3 years old. But hey… poetic license and at that jazz. I can’t really quote you a specific launch date as Custom Canine Care just kind of slid into being over […]

Oh look… a unicorn!

Hello and welcome to the blogging experience at Custom Canine Care.  Those of you who know me will know how much I love the written word, and well really – it was only a matter of time. I dedicate this space to all those amongst us who are perpetually distracted by the ‘unicorns’ we catch […]