dog care services
Good, safe fun.

We offer the following dog care services:

  • One on one dog walks – from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Paired dog walks (for socialisation) – either one walker with two dogs, or two walkers meeting with a dog each.
  • Training walks – to work with you and your dog where there are on lead issues such as reactivity, frustration and pulling.
  • In (our or your) home day care of any length from a few hours to a 12 hour day.
  • In (our) home boarding for an overnight, a weekend or full holiday care.**
  • House sits (these can include the care of other pets), where we come to stay in your home while you are away.
  • A pick up/drop off service can often be arranged if required.

We have one home care provider – Linda –  who specialises in small dogs only and offers day care and boarding to most of our little ones. Linda is now only taking new clients under her own business, but I am very happy to recommend her and pass her details on to you.

Jenny provides day care and home boarding (under her own business) and will welcome your friendly dog into her home whatever the breed, so long as they are compatible with Mason, who is her 6 year old.

Alison (owner at CCC) offers house sitting in your own home, day care in your own home and training walks.

Doreen is part of our walking team, but also runs her own business that offers cat care, home visits and dog walking.

Our walking team comprises Alison, Lynne, Joe, Katie, Pete, Jenny, Doreen, Amanda and Craig. Your dog will be allocated a primary walker, but will be familiar with us all, so that care can be provided in all situations by someone who your dog knows.

On a weekly basis, most sociable dogs, having 5 walks a week, will be walked by 3 different people. This benefits them, by enriching the walking experience, with a variety of approaches, routes, and relationships. Rest assured, if your dog is anxious about new things, we will endeavour to send the same person to provide the care each time, with one other person available as back up who will be familiarised over a longer period.

We pride ourselves on being willing to customise our dog care services to best meet your specific needs; call now on 07954 313702 to discuss a personalised plan.