We have a lot of dogs here these days, some visit briefly as part or full day boarders and some linger a while… holidaying here while their families enjoy their own vacations. Very few make quite the impact on everyone around them as Joey.


Joey on lookout duty.

Joey is a Parson’s Russell terrier and a terrific little fella who stayed with us for a couple of weeks in February. He was easy going, sociable, loved everyone, soaked up attention and was cute and humorous by rotation. His favourite lookout post was the back of the living room couch, from where he could view the world, and his favourite occupation was walking.


Actually that’s not strictly true – what he really enjoyed was exploring the world through the his nose – and walks offered the best opportunity to do this. he was a joy to walk because I felt that he was completely appreciative of every opportunity to investigate his wider environment. He loved the quarry park and the smells of other dogs and rabbits and cats (all of which are for eating should opportunity arise).

Joey’s photos can be viewed here.

Joey the joker – boarding at custom canine care

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