Rosie being beautiful

Rosie is just as cute as cute pie; a lovely reddish blonde cockapoo puppy who we had the joy of looking after here recently. She is a very easy going little lady, whose main loves in life are comfort and cuddles and walks. Rosie fell in love with Vic, and they could often be found snuggled up together on the back room couch, reading a book and enjoying snuggles. However, for such a docile, quiet dog I was surprised by how energetic she was and how much she enjoyed the rough and tumble of puppy play with my regulars Ruffles and Archie. She was also a dab hand at chasing balls, and never tired of accompanying me on my lunchtime walks.

Everybody loved Rosie, whether they were human or canine – and happily Rosie enjoyed being the centre of attention, so she soaked up the adoration of her fans. The teenagers who regularly fill our home without exception fussed over her and played with her and enjoyed her presence.

Rosie and Vic love

And for one so young she was incredibly biddable… eager to please and intelligent enough to work out what we all wanted from her. We were universally sad to see her go and are very pleased that she will be returning later in the year.

Rosie’s photographs can been seen here


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Dog boarding in Newcastle upon Tyne with Rosie