Meet our dog walking team at Custom Canine Care

Use of a dog walking service requires trust, not only that the walker will come and walk your dog for the required mount of time, but also that they will be kind and responsible, deal with any challenges that arise and take good care of your home. That’s a lot of trust, and here at […]

Home boarding, house sitting or kennels?

Holiday care for our dogs We all look forward to holidays as a welcome break from the hurry and busyness of everyday life, but deciding where to leave our dogs to go on holiday can often be the cause of significant anxiety and stress. Deciding to leave our non-human family members behind is bad enough, […]

Dog walking – whose walk is it anyway?

Dog walking Some of my happiest childhood memories involve dog walking… in those days it was multiples of shelties around the village where I grew up, then as a young adult I walked with Patch, my rescued border collie with whom I enjoyed twice daily beach walks. A decade later, it was Ben – another […]

The Dog Zone Review, Custom Canine Care newsletter

Get ready for the launch of our new weekly email newsletter, The Dog Zone Review. This is a quality, original content email newsletter, with subscriber led content such as dog related Q&A, FAQ, dog behaviour hints and tips, in depth case studies, an up close look at what’s in your dog’s food, plus loads of […]

Dog walking in Newcastle – when the dog says “no!”

Today I did my first walk with Willow who is a beautiful black and gold Hovawort. We’d met on a couple of occassions and got along well, indeed she was positively affectionate at the initial booking visit. I’d done a ‘test drive’ with her human waiting down the street only yesterday, just to be sure […]

A well spent Saturday – learning at Custom Canine Care

Yesterday I went to a breeders’ seminar at Croft Veterinary Hospital in Cramlington. The main draw was a lecture on puppy development, which proved to be a rich and positive walk through a puppy’s developmental needs between birth and 12 weeks. We covered oodles of excellent information such as the handling of very young puppies, […]

Dog walking in a snowy Newcastle upon Tyne

The recent snowfall and freezing weather has brought challenges to all kinds of people simply going about their daily work. I sat in my car the other day watching (with great empathy) a group of burly men trying to manoeuvre unending green bins onto an unruly snowbound bin lorry through deep pavement snow. For many […]

Dog boarding in Newcastle upon Tyne with Rosie

Rosie is just as cute as cute pie; a lovely reddish blonde cockapoo puppy who we had the joy of looking after here recently. She is a very easy going little lady, whose main loves in life are comfort and cuddles and walks. Rosie fell in love with Vic, and they could often be found […]

Joey the joker – boarding at custom canine care

We have a lot of dogs here these days, some visit briefly as part or full day boarders and some linger a while… holidaying here while their families enjoy their own vacations. Very few make quite the impact on everyone around them as Joey.   Joey is a Parson’s Russell terrier and a terrific little […]

Fun with Flynn

Flynn (or Flinnagan as he became affectionately known here) is a very special springer spaniel who stayed with us for a week recently. He has got to be the most universally loved dog we have yet to look after, as every one of us thought he was the business – with his boisterous, fun loving […]