About Custom Canine Care

About Custom Canine Care
Tell us what you need, we’ll do the rest.
Do you have irregular work patterns? Need to make late bookings? Don’t need cover for school holidays?
Are you looking for one on one, solo walks for your dog? Or paired social walks away from the ‘large group’ model of many companies?
Does your dog struggle with lengthy car journeys?
We are a team of seven highly motivated, experienced and flexible dog lovers. Between us we can cover almost any eventuality, and are delighted to have extremely high client satisfaction ratings. So if you are struggling to find a walking company that suits your needs and offers the level of flexibility that you require, look no further. Of course, like all walking businesses we have our share of 5 days a week, regular clients – whom we celebrate – but the majority of our customers don’t fall into this category.
Custom Canine Care began life in 2011 and has evolved into a vibrant, widely respected specialist dog care company, which excels in providing flexible, personalised care. But don’t take my word for it. You can check out our reviews page, and the results of our 2016 client survey.
We provide:
  • walks on foot from your home, mainly one on one, though we will try to match geographically close, social dogs into pairs at times.
  • puppy care, lead training with fitted balance harness and early socialisation.
  • safe, dog free walks for dogs who find other canines challenging.
  • managed, training walks for dogs who need more lead work.
  • off lead walks for those who are confident and have good recall.
  • home visits for the sick and elderly.
  • garden play visits, where this is preferred.
  • day care and boarding for walking clients (provided by our walkers who have their own boarding companies).
  • house sitting and in (your) home day care.



11 thoughts on “About Custom Canine Care

  1. Hi,
    I work at Northumbria university at Coach Lane and am looking for someone who will look after my puppy whilst I’m working. This is likely to be 1-2 days per week from 8-4pm. Please would you advise me of whether you could do this, what the normal routine would be and how you would go about setting this up please?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi and thank you for your enquiry. I think you are asking for day care but North Tyneside council imposes a age limit of over six months for puppies coming into day care. We do puppy visits and continue the process, gradually increasing the walk time once that is appropriate. Visits can be any length from 30 mins and are charged by time. In order to use any of our services, I would visit you to meet you both and walk you through our procedures and the admin. Do let me know if we can help you further. Thanks, Alison

  2. Hi

    We have recently had to change Day Cares for our French Bulldog, and have been looking else where. Neither me or my partner drive so just wanted a bit more information around the day care you offer. Sorry I would have called by have very little free time to do it, if need be I will try and find some though. Our Frenchie is one years old. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. H Ashleigh,
      We have two homes able to take on new day care clients at the moment – one in Wideopen and the other on the very north edge of Sunderland. Not sure what area you live/work in, and whether you are close enough to either of those homes for them to be suitable. It is sometimes possible for us to do the drop off and pick up for you, but again this depends on geography, timing etc. Our day care is graded by time, so you pay for the number of hours you need. All of our homes are limited to 4 dogs at a time in the house, unless there is an emergency. Mostly though there would be 2 or 3. All but the shortest day care includes a walk, and throughout the day the dogs are cared for as though they were the household family pets… it’s inside care – in the home – play, rest, exercise, food (if needed), treats and company. Hope that clarifies. Let me know if we can be of help. You can email me on alison@customcaninecare.co.uk

  3. Hi Alison-you looked after Sammy hamster a few times for us. We now have Harry rabbit. Are you dogs only now?

    1. Sorry Graeme, we are only caring for dogs at the moment, as I’m on a sabbatical year. There used to be a small animal sitter in the north east, but I’m not sure if she’s still around… Will try to find out for you. Alison

  4. Hi I’m starting new job in January and have 2 dogs I’m looking to see if you have availability for 2 30 mins walks a week for them and how much that would be ? They would need to be walked just them as they’re not keen on other animals

    1. Hi Katie, We can certainly walk your dogs as a pair, on foot from your home, depending on what area you are in. We would charge £10 for 30 mins for 2 dogs. I would need to come to do a visit to meet you all and find out a bit more about the dogs. If you are interested please text or call 07954 313 702.

  5. I start a new job on Monday….I have a
    Almost 2 year old husky that would require a walk on lead. Normally she gets 30 to 45 mins walk round the field near where I live….do you do the howdon area of wallsend

  6. Hi Alison,

    I am looking for a dog walker for two days per week Tuesday and Thursday’s in Ryton. Two dogs for 30 minutes. Is this an area you service and do you have capacity at the moment?

    Many thanks


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